Truss Financial Group Announces New Alternative Mortgage Solutions

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., May 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Truss Financial Group, an award-winning Orange County, California, provider of leading mortgage-financing products, announces new alternative lending "Alt-A" loans for the self-employed, those with stated incomes, and other qualified borrowers who find themselves outside standard underwriting guidelines.

While stated income, no-documentation, and subprime loans have existed for decades, after the Great Recession and subsequent Dodd-Frank act, borrowing became difficult for qualified self-employed buyers and other with less traditional income sources.

"We’ve survived one of the largest financial collapses in this country’s history and came out stronger and smarter," said Jeff Miller, CEO & Broker. "And with so many people working for themselves or generating income in new ways nowadays, we want to ensure these people, even they’ve been turned down by more traditional lenders, know there are options for them for mortgages and refinancing."

Some of the Truss Financial Group offerings include bank-statement-only programs, low credit scores, shorter waiting periods between financing and housing events such as deed in lieu, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and higher debt ratio calculations. They even have stated income products for those buying or refinancing investment properties.

"When I called Rick at Truss Financial I was skeptical he could help because I was in between work projects, my income had changed, but my bank statements said otherwise," said James Carleton of San Diego. "After a 30-minute chat with Rick he found a solution, and it was off to underwriting."

About Truss Financial Group
Founded in Mission Viejo, California, in 2003, Truss Financial Group has persevered and grown through the devastating market collapse of 2007 by forming Strategic Referral Partnerships with Realtors, CPAs, and Financial Planners. The team at Truss does its absolute best to earn these partners’ trust and respect with innovative lending solutions that others can’t or won’t offer.

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