The Top Things to Do When Visiting California

The state of California is not only beautiful, there are so many different things to do that it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin. If you are planning on visiting California on vacation, you might enjoy going to the north, to the south or even to the coast. Since there are so many different things to choose from, we decided to provide some of the options that are well worth seeing. Some of them are a day trip and others could be an entire vacation.

One option that you may want to consider is visiting the Redwood National Park. The woodlands, coastline and rivers in this area California is not only beautiful, it is absolutely breathtaking. Redwood trees are among some of the tallest in the US and they are also very old. You will see that this is an unparalleled wilderness and you will not only love the large trees, you will love the wildlife that seems to be everywhere as well.

If you are somebody that is interested in visiting the beach, you might want to visit Venice Beach in Los Angeles. The beaches in this area are unparalleled in their beauty and if you visit in the summer, you will see much more than the Pacific Ocean. There will be people exercising, cycling and street performers everywhere. There is also plenty of people watching to do, regardless of whether you do so on the boardwalk or on the beach.

Have you ever considered making a trip to death Valley? It may be one of the most inhospitable places in the United States, but it is also very beautiful as well. At sometimes of the year, the temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees so if you plan on traveling to death Valley, make sure that you travel in the early hours of the day. Plan this part of your trip out carefully to stay safe.

Finally, you may want to head to the mountains to visit Lake Tahoe. This beautiful Lake with the surrounding mountains is the perfect summer trip but many people also enjoy visiting the area the winter, especially if they plan on doing some skiing. If you visit in the summer, be sure to get out on the lake for a cruise or perhaps even to do some parasailing. You will find that it offers beauty in every direction that you look.